Why Should You Always Pay Attention to Your Dashboard Warning Lights?

June 28th, 2022 by

Be Aware of Aston Martin Dashboard Lights - Aston Martin Denver

Don’t Ignore Dashboard Warning Lights on Your Aston Martin

Sometimes, your vehicle will start experiencing symptoms which means it is time for you to get it serviced by a trained professional. In your Aston Martin, the dashboard warning lights are your signs that something is amiss. If you are driving around and suddenly see a light on that normally doesn’t display, you should schedule an appointment with the Aston Martin Denver Service Center as soon as possible. While some lights do not suggest urgent matters, the ones that do denote a significant issue will require immediate attention to prevent serious damage. 

Warning Lights to Look Out for on Your Dashboard

Check Engine Light – While the yellow light that looks like a standard engine could be lit for a minor engine issue, the fact that there could be something considerably more serious should not be ignored. Regardless of the potential severity of the engine problem, don’t delay scheduling an appointment with us so that we can determine what is causing the light to be lit. 

Battery Charge Light – If your Aston Martin is having problems getting consistent power from your battery, or if it has noted that the battery is not being charged properly, this battery-shaped light will appear. If it does, there is a good likelihood that your vehicle needs to be attended to quickly to prevent battery failure. Whether it’s the battery or the alternator, the importance of this light should not be understated.

Oil Pressure Light – A light that looks like an oil can with a drop of oil pouring out of it signifies that your vehicle is experiencing lower oil pressure. If this happens, there is not enough oil in your engine to keep it functioning safely. This could just be from naturally low levels over time, or a leak somewhere that needs to be contained. Don’t delay scheduling an appointment with us if this light appears!

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